Common Home Seller Mistakes

Mike Capelle, Broker/OwnerMike Capelle, Broker/Owner

You’ve decided to list your home for sale. Here are some tips for proceeding.

Price 75 percent of homeowners think their agent’s listing price is too low. A higher price could ultimately slow down your sale. It’s better to price the home in line with comparables and generate initial interest and attention. Then, if the market takes it higher in the form of multiple offers, great! Overpricing a home to begin with usually puts off potential buyers.

Online It’s no longer sufficient to spiff up your home before an open house. 90 percent of buyers start their search on the Web, so it’s important to make a good first online impression with the listing photos.

Photos Poor quality photos make a poor impression online. Make sure your pics are high-quality and of sufficient resolution for the devices they will be displayed on, whether it be a Web page, a tablet, or a smart phone.

Agent A friend, a relative, a friend-of-a-friend, or the lowest-commissioned agent may not be the best choice of agent. You need someone who knows your market, really cares about your sale, and is well reviewed.

Offers Once a desirable property is listed at a good price point, eager buyers will jump to make offers. Don’t let early offers make you doubt your price, or hold out for more. If an early offer is made for near the asking price, it indicates that your property is priced appropriately, and you should seriously consider it.

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