Staging Your Home to Sell

Mike Capelle, Broker/OwnerMike Capelle, Broker/Owner

There are a few easy steps every seller should take for staging your home to sell to make a good first impression. A poor showing can mean a lower purchase offer by interested buyers, or even cause a buyer to pass on your home. Before your home is shown to buyers, I recommend that you take the following steps to maximize its potential.

  • De-Personalize – Objects in the home that are personal to your family distract a buyer from visualizing themselves living in your home, or may even be offensive to a buyer. You should remove family photographs and religious items, and other personal items like holiday cards, children’s artwork, and certificates/awards/trophies. Clothes and shoes should be kept put away.
  • Deep Cleaning – Nothing is more off-putting to a buyer than filth. Make your home presentable by doing a thorough cleaning, vacuuming and dusting into corners, cleaning windows, and especially making the kitchen and bathrooms spotless. Even old or dated features of a home look better when clean.
  • Clean Smelling – Eliminate musty, pet, and strong cooking odors by airing out the home and cleaning. Objectionable odors can be even more of an issue for buyers than dirt, because they might indicate a problem not easily cleaned up. But avoid strongly-scented air fresheners, which could lead a buyer to think you’re masking a problem.
  • De-Clutter – Keep counters, floors, tables, and desks as clear as possible to give the impression of space. Keep the toys put away. Remove furniture that hinders the comfortable flow of traffic through rooms. Too little furniture or furniture inappropriate to a room’s purpose or size can also be negatives. And de-cluttering applies to the outdoors as well.

It’s important to keep in mind when selling your home that it is a product that you are trying to get the best possible price for. Your priority should be to do the preparation needed to enhance its appeal, not to keep it the same as you always have.

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