Why You Need a Buyer’s Agent

Mike Capelle, Broker/OwnerMike Capelle, Broker/Owner

I see it every week: Buyers who waste their time chasing down properties on the Internet before consulting a Realtor®. Here is why you need a buyer’s agent.

There’s been an explosion of real estate information available on the web in recent years. In addition to the major sites like Trulia, Zillow and Realtor.com, there’s an almost endless number of sites specializing in everything from foreclosures to farms. I often have clients tell me how they’ve spent countless hours searching the Internet thinking they’re going to find that perfect property on their own, just like comparing prices on Amazon and eBay.

It seems easy to find properties on the Internet, but the difficulties arise when you spend your time delving into properties you’ve found online only to learn that the property isn’t actually available to purchase or that there are issues related to the property that make it unsuitable for you. Most real estate web sites need “product” to bring users to their sites, so they’re less concerned about whether properties are still actually available than quality control of their data. A lot of properties shown online are actually already under contract and in the process of being sold, or have been foreclosed upon, but aren’t yet actually available for sale. Even when you’ve narrowed the search down to properties that are actually for sale, you still have an array of factors that you need to consider besides the number of bedrooms or acres of land. What’s the condition of the property and how does the neighborhood impact its desirability? What are the access roads like? How about the terrain?

The advantage of engaging a Realtor® local to your area of interest to assist in your search is that a good Realtor® will be familiar with the properties that are available. In an office like Sunset Vista Realty that has experienced and high producing agents, and where we work as a team sharing information about properties we’ve seen with each other, we have first-hand knowledge of even more of the properties on the market. Our approach is based helping our clients find the property that best suits their desires and budget; you’ll never feel like you’re being “sold” something, but rather that you have a well-informed, experienced partner to help you find what you’re looking for. And, once you’ve found that perfect property, we will strive to make sure that you are successful in purchasing it.

Use the Internet to gather ideas and hone your requirements and desires, but don’t put yourself at a disadvantage: Call us early in your search to give yourself the best possible chance of success. It doesn’t cost you a thing to get our help with buying property!

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